Modern Airliner Beacons 1/144


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High quality modern airliner beacons. All beacon lights are casted from clear resin. This set features a total of twelve resin casted beacons in two different shapes to replicate the beacon designs on modern airliners. The shapes included are the regular droplet shape known from red coloured beacons and a new flat shape used mostly on A350 and B787.

Usage of clear beacons on:

– A220
– A320neo family (newer MSN)
– A350
– B737MAX family (newer L/N)
– B787
– E2 jets
– MC-21

Building instructions can be found on our Instructions page.

Kit includes:

  • 1x spruce of 12 beacon lights in two shapes (6 each)

Additional information

Weight7,8 g
Dimensions165 × 98 × 15 mm


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