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B727-200 progress update II

A lot has happened since our first update. First of all, thanks to all of you who have participated in the poll regarding window design. We have decided to produce the 727-200 with clear window stripes with engraved panel lines as windows.

We’re happy to announce that the CAD model is complete and has entered tooling production a few weeks ago. We expect test sprues during summer for a release in autumn! We have also chosen a livery for this beautiful bird and would like to share the boxart with you today.

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B727-200 progress update and a big question

It’s time for another B727 progress update. Last time we showed you the major surfaces of the aircraft – a lot has happened since then. All the surfaces are now thickened and we added a lot of details. Have a look at the images below. Please keep in mind that the design is not final.

We also need your help on the design of the passenger windows, please share your thoughts with us using the poll at the bottom of the post or the comment function.

This image shows the navigation light at the tip of the vertical tail plane. A separate part replicating the HF antenna will be included as well.
ENG 1 & 3 will have two fan disk designs for each engine to choose from. One showing the fan and the other showing just the inlet guide vanes. A resin part showing both as in the real aircraft will be available separately since it is not possible to replicate it using injection molding.
Detailed flight deck with two pilot seats, two observer seats and the flight engineer station.

Windows or no windows?

This is a topic where we need your help since there are good arguments for both ways of design. Please help us by answering the two questions below or share your thoughts in the comments.

Option 1: No clear windows

Just a blank fuselage as seen on our previous kit releases, many other EE kits and the image below. Easy to build for people who don’t need clear windows but a bit harder for those who like to hae clear windows since cutting a stripe out of the fuselage and filling it with clear resin would be required.

Option 2: Clear windows

This is basically the only option to achieve clear windows on short production run models. Due to limitations of the tooling, there will be a total of four clear plastic stripes (two on each side) which are inserted into a slot in the fuselage. as shown in the image below and seen on some A-Model kits. Sanding between the clear part and the fuselage half is required, thus increasing the amount of sanding work for those who don’t want to build the kit with clear windows. For those who do, they don’t need to work with clear resin and instead use the included clear stripes. The passenger windows would be modeled using panel lines on the clear part and window paint masks would be included in the kit.

The poll has been closed. Thank you for your participitation!

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Happy New Year and what to expect from 2024

January – March

As previously announced, our first kit is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024. During the first quarter, our primary focus will be finalizing the CAD model. Therefore, there won’t be any new resin releases in Q1, aside from those already shipped with the PRO EDITIONS. The A300 PRO EDITION is also scheduled for release in Q1.

April – June

In the second quarter, we anticipate introducing additional resin kits and some EE reboxes without decals to maintain affordability. We’ve received positive feedback on our airliner kits, and many of you have expressed interest in more model releases.

July – September

The third quarter will be dedicated to preparing for the launch of the 727-200. While we may manage a few resin releases and other kit introductions, our primary focus will be on getting the 727-200 into production during this period.

October – December

The highlight of the fourth quarter will be the long-anticipated release of the 727-200. It will be available as standard edition with decals and as PRO EDITION with additional resin parts. Once released, we will begin the design work of a 727-100 version for 2025.

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CRM announces new tool for 2024

Building on the recent success of our kit reboxes, which will continue into 2024, we are proud to announce a new tool development for one of the most requested aircraft models from airliner modellers around the globe: The B727-200. We are currently working on the CAD design and like to show you some early progress. The surface work is almost complete but as changes are easily done at this stage, we invite you to comment on things that look incorrect to you and help us to get this design as close to the original as possible.

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New items landing soon

After a very successful release of our DC-10 kit last week, we’re producing many more resin parts for our shop as well as already planning future kit releases. Without spoiling too much of our upcoming kits we’d like to give you a roadmap of resin parts you can expect from us over the next few months. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to get notified about new products and kit releases.

Currently in production are:

  • A330 wheel set with brake fan
  • A340 wheel set with brake fan
  • A340 wheel set without brake fan
  • B787-8 wheel set
  • An124 drop-in replacement fans
  • An225 drop-in replacement fans
  • A380 ‘see-through’ engine mod for both EA and RR engines
  • A220 ‘see-through’ engine mod
  • B767 GE drop-in replacement fans
  • BelugaST drop-in replacement fans
  • A330 GE drop-in replacement fans
  • DC-10 windshield
  • DC-10 drop-in replacement fans
  • DC-10 wheel set
  • MD-80 windshield

Currently in CAD design stage are:

  • A318/A319/A320 wheel set with four (!) different rim types to choose from (for Revell + Zvezda)
  • A318/A319/A320 wheel set with three (!) different rim types to choose from (for Revell + Zvezda)
  • B747-100 wheel set
  • B747-200 wheel set
  • B747-8 wheel set
  • BelugaST main cargo deck with cockpit
  • Multi Purpose Pallet (MPP) for Airbus Belugas
  • A320 forward section on their designated pallets for Airbus Beluga
  • B767 flight deck
  • B767 tinted windshield
  • B767 wheel set
  • A330 nose correction
  • A220 wheel set
  • BelugaST wheel set
  • A300B4 wheel set
  • A300B4 drop-in replacement fan

Future plans:

  • A380 wheel set
  • A350 wheel set
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How to navigate the shop

This is a small guideline on how to use our shop.
Keep an eye on the blue banner at the bottom of your screen. We will publish relevant news there as well as on this blog. If there is none, there are no important news at the moment.

You’ll find all available items if you click on Shop in the top menu of the home page. Some products are variable products meaning you have to select from different options before being able to add the product to your cart. This will be more extensively used in the future, especially with wheel sets to keep the main shop page clear and easy to navigate.
Take our upcoming A320 family wheel sets as an example. Since A319 and A320 have the same wheels, those will be listed as one item in the shop. On the product page, you can then choose from four rim types as well as whether you would like to have the set fitting for the old A319ceo/A320ceo Revell kit, the new A320neo Revell kit or the A320/A320neo Zvezda kit. This is due to different axle diameters on the gear struts.
The A321 however has a different tire and will be therefore listed as a different item in the shop. There you will be able to choose from three rim options and whether you would like the wheel set fitting for the old Revell A321ceo kit, their new A321neo kit or the Zvezda A321/A321neo kit.

We decided not to include printed instructions in our products, therefore you find all the required manuals on our Instructions page which is also accessible from the top menu on our homepage. This gives us the opportunity to easily remove any errors and mistakes from the instructions.